Community-based Observing of Nunatsiavut coastal Ocean Circulation (CONOC)

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Deployment in parallel with Oceans North/NG/CEOTR glider mission (20 July 2019 - 9 December 2019)

Planned deployments (left) and actual drifter trajectories (right):

Drifter speeds (left), non-tidal speeds (centre), and recorded sea surface temperature (right):

Bin-averaged drifter non-tidal velocities (left), tidal speeds (centre), and difference between non-tidal and tidal speeds (NT-T, right):

Northern Ranger Deployments (27-29 August 2018)

Rigolet Narrows Deployment (25 August 2018)

Deployment and drifter tracks and results from Rigolet Narrows deployment. Shown are the deployment route (grey line) and sea surface temperatures along-route (coloured circles) as well as the drifter track and calculated speeds (coloured line). The drifter deployment location is indicated by a red X.

Sea surface temperature (SST) along deployment route. SST is shown as a function of latitude for the entire route from the start (yellow circles) through to the end (purple circles), with the time of day indicated by the colour. Regions and events of interest are annotated on the figure.

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Ocean drifter tracks, speeds, and temperatures.

CODE-DAVIS 300234067051900

CODE-DAVIS 300234067052900

CODE-DAVIS 300234067055590

CODE-DAVIS 300234067056570

CODE-DAVIS 300234067056880

CODE-DAVIS 300234067946070

SVP 300234066086220

SVP 300234068214970

SVP 300234068317030

SVP 300234068319000


Ocean drifter tracks, speeds, and temperatures. Temperatures only available for CODE-DAVIS drifters.

CODE-DAVIS 300234066994560

CODE-DAVIS 300234067101110

CODE-DAVIS 300234067105110

CODE-DAVIS 300234067105240



Rigolet Narrows temperature

Deployment route Minilog-II-T data